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This article is a guide on how to setup a connection between Google Home and Futurehome. 

NB! This will only work with the new Futurehome app, and you can only link one Futurehome household(site) per Google household. To link Futurehome to Google you need to be the owner of the household in Futurehome.
You will also need version 1.4.xx or higher of the Cloud-bridge software. 
Go to Household -> Hub-settings and uppgrade software from there to be sure you are on the latest version. 


With the Google Home integration you can use a Google Assistant enabled device to control your devices in Futurehome.

When you connect Futurehome with the Google Home app, you can choose which household will be added to the Google Home app. You can only connect one household.

Supported devices:

  • Lights - Dimmers and relays (no temperature control, only rgb control)
  • Appliances - All on/off appliances in Futurehome will show up
  • Shortcuts - All shortcuts will be hidden as scenes in Google Home. "Hey Google, activate [SHORTCUTNAME]"
  • Modes -All modes will be hidden as scenes in Google Home. "Hey Google, activate [MODE]"
  • Thermostats - Set a new setpoint or ask for the temperature.
  • Sensors - You can ask for humidity, temperature, open/close state (leak detectors is not supported)
  • Roller shutters - not supported
  • Fire detectors (and other safety devices) - not supported
  • Door locks - not supported

Controlling EnOcean devices is not supported.

Upon integration with Google Home, the app will place the aforementioned device types in the existing Futurehome rooms using the following rule:

  • if the room has a name, the name will be suggested
  • if the room does not have a name, the subType property of the room will be used

NB! if you have more than one home in Google, devices will not be put in rooms automatically.


To connect Google Home to Futurehome you need the Google Home app.

  • Open the Google Home app
  • Press the + button in the upper left corner
  • Select Set up device and then select Works with Google
  • Search for Futurehome
  • Click Futurehome and log in with your Futurehome user.
  • When you log in the Google Home app will get list of all sites you are owner on.
    Note: Authorising the link between Google Home and your Futurehome site will allow Google to control devices in your home and also ask about the state of your devices. Due to implementation requirements, device state is also reported to Google whenever changes happen in the system. If you don't agree with any of the above, select the deny option when prompted for authorisation.

  • Give Google Home access when prompted with the question.
  • When the app is done loading you should be taken back to the device overview with all your Futurehome devices.


Mode switch

All modes will be hidden as scenes in Google Home. "Hey Google, activate [MODE]"

[MODE] can be replaced with home mode, away mode, sleep mode or vacation mode. 


It's recommended to name your shortcuts so that they are easy to trigger.

All shortcuts will be hidden as scenes in Google Home. "Hey Google, activate [SHORTCUTNAME]"


Lights can be dimmed, turned on/off or change the color. You can also ask Google to turn off or on all lights in the home or in a room.


Appliances can be turned on/off.


If you add new Futurehome devices or shortcuts you can ask Google to sync your devices. This will add new Futurehome devices to your Google Home app.


To unlink the Futurehome connection you press the Futurehome in the Google Home app and select unlink. All Futurehome devices will disappear from the Google Home app.

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