March 2017

Futurehome Application


  • Completely new app design
  • New bottom menu navigation
  • New dashboard
  • New security overview
  • New Rooms overview
  • New timeline with language based on user language, new icons and new event sentence structure
  • New site and site settings menu
  • New devices with faults overview
  • Force delete of Z-Wave devices
  • New way of adding rooms, devices, users etc.
  • New device interfaces and sensor cards
  • Futurehome Fire Alarm service
  • Support for Sirens
  • Support for controlling motors and garage doors.
  • iOS users can now change modes from iOS widget (android coming)
  • Optimisation for app cache (iOS)
  • Migrated to swift 3 for iOS
  • Added padding to the header when the client is opened by an iOS device.
  • Activating/deactivating timers
  • Setting names for custom timers


  • Fixes an issue where the native iOS header spacing was not static.
  • Updated the calibration description for the Aeotec Garage Door Controller.
  • Fixed an error in the shutter action controller that would set the shutter to open instead of opening.
  • Fixes an issue where users with no access to modes were still able to see modes and shortcuts.
  • Fixes an issue where a garage door controller control card would show up in the appliances modal as well as security modal.
  • Default y-axis scale for power changed from 0-15 to 0-5. If consumption increases above this threshold, the graph will automatically scale to fit.
  • You can now click on a graph in the statistics view to be taken to the detailed view.
  • Added better feedback when triggering shortcuts from the dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the lighting, heating and appliance modal windows would show 'NaN' for power information instead of just showing nothing when a site had no such information available.
  • Fixed an issue where Smarthub related settings were available even though there was no Smarthub connected.
  • Fixed an issue where the site-settings menu would not show unless you had a Smarthub associated with your site.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where card elements and day, week, month and year buttons under the detailed statistics view did not render properly when switching rooms.
  • Fixed an issue where a chevron-down icon would show on the sites selector event though you only have one site.
  • Fixed a Norwegian typo in the toggle modal information window.
  • Fixed an issue where the toggle information modal would appear after websocket closed and re-opened.
  • Fixes for cache and cache expiry

Futurehome Smarthub


  • Fire Alarm: enabled by default
  • Fire Alarm: replace 'triggered' property with 'alarmState' to enable
  • Clients and users to know whether there is an actual fire or the
  • Fire Alarm service is being tested
  • Support for Z-Wave roller shutters
  • New "action objects" for actions in modes, shortcuts timers and triggers
  • Controlling specific lights and roller shutters is now done per
  • device instead of per room
  • Allow leaving some lights or roller shutters alone instead of
  • requiring all or none for lights and roller shutters in rooms
  • Actions on devices follow the device when a device switches room
  • Newly added devices will be left alone instead of being given an
  • action depending on the room it is in
  • Allow switching heaters on/off in modes, shortcuts, timers in rooms
  • with no temperature sensor
  • Motion trigger for home, away, and vacation mode will switch on lights
  • to the value last known by the device instead of
  • to the value last set in the app
  • Motion trigger for home, away, and vacation mode has a configuration
  • option allowing users to leave some lights alone on motion
  • Motion trigger for sleep mode no longer allows dimmable lights to be
  • switched 'on' to previous value - each dimmable light must be
  • either ignored or dimmed to a specific value
  • Support giving names to timers (support 'client' object)
  • Support disabling and enabling timers
  • Set Z-Wave configuration parameters 5 and 6 to 0 for Popp Smoke &
  • Siren to avoid mesh alarm for smoke and low battery, mesh is now handled by the Smarthub
  • Support receiving state from Z-Wave devices which encapsulate
  • their state change reports in multi channel command class
  • Support receiving temperature from Fibaro Flood Sensor (first gen)
  • Improve Z-Wave interview process for devices that have
  • Multilevel Sensor Command Class
  • Support interpreting packets from Z-Wave devices that encapsulate
  • them in CRC16 Command Class
  • Support receiving siren state from Popp Smoke Sensor
  • Popp Water Valve now reports position
  • Improved operation of Fibaro and Fakro Z-Wave roller shutters
  • Fixes/Updates
  • Fixes an issue where a ghost device with model 'auto' would be stuck
    in the system when a driver could not be loaded after a Z-Wave device
    was paired. Existing paired devices with model 'auto' will now have a
    generic Z-Wave driver loaded and can be excluded or force deleted

  • Fixes an issue where Z-Wave devices that did not use the generic
    Z-Wave driver were not given their default configuration parameters
    after inclusion

New Device support

  • Fibaro Rolelr Shutter 2 - FGRM-222
  • Qubino Shutter DC -  ZMNHOD1
  • Qubino Shutter 
  • Aeotec Garage door controller AEOTEC ZW062-C
  • Popp valve
  • Aeotec Siren
  • Popp Smoke Sensor and Siren (Siren)

Futurehome Services & Integrations


  • Timeline language now set to the same language as user language
  • New push notification for low battery


  • N/A
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