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Welcome to Futurehome!

We are glad that you have decided to join the green shift by joining the group of Power Manager users. You have just started your journey towards better management of energy consumption in your household. Now that your electrician has finished installing and configuring your devices, we will take it from here and show you how you can save money and help the planet.

Futurehome app

The Futurehome app allows you to control your whole household from one place.

Getting started

Once your installer has set up the devices, the household ownership will be transferred to you via email. If you have not received it, ask your installer to send it to you.

The e-mail will contain further instructions with corresponding links:

  1. Download the Futurehome app.
  2. Open the app and log in.

Tip: If you have multiple households you can swap between them by clicking the household name at the top of the main screen in the Futurehome app.

App overview


Navigate through the app using the bar at the bottom of the screen:

home.svg Dashboard
Shows you the overall state of your house. It is divided into main components such as climate, energy, and security. By clicking on each, you get more detailed information as well as control over the devices and functionalities.

areas.svg Room overview
Allows you to control each room separately.

hjemme.svg Modes icon 
Allows you to quickly select one of the modes: Home, Sleep, Away, and Vacation. These are general states that determine the behaviour of your whole household. Read more about modes.

timeline.svg Timeline
Shows you the events happening in your house in chronological order.

settings.svg Settings 
A place from where you can edit information, add other users, and manage the devices. Here you may also explore more features of our system, such as automations and shortcuts.

Exploring the possibilities

  • Device control - manage the devices in your home including lights, heating, charging, and appliances. The app allows you to control the devices from wherever you are. The only thing you need is Internet access.
  • Automations - you can set up automations to perform the actions without your active contribution i.e. automatically turn on the lights, heating, and appliances based on your preferences. For more details, refer to the article about automations.
  • Energy consumption overview - by tapping on the energy tile on the dashboard you get access to information about your overall energy consumption and its distribution among different devices.
  • Learn more - explore our support page to learn about all the possibilities of the system.

Power Manager

Power Manager is the Futurehome service created to optimise energy consumption. To do so, it manages the heating of the house and water and the charging of cars.

The benefits of using Power Manager

  • Save money on energy bills - Power Manager helps you optimise your energy usage to reduce your bills. To find out how much you can save, use the calculator linked here.
  • Help the environment - Power Manager helps you reduce your carbon footprint by managing your energy consumption more efficiently.

How it works

When Power Manager expects the threshold to be exceeded in the current hour, it turns off the controlled devices in turn for 10 minutes each. In addition, it chooses the cheapest hours to handle large energy loads such as water heating and car chargers.

Where to find it

To access Power Manager in the app, tap on the energy tile on the dashboard, then the energy icon energy.svg in the upper right corner. From there, you can select the devices that will be controlled.

Group_1602__2_.svg Group_1602__4_.svg Group_2423__2_.svg

We are here to help you

If you want to expand your knowledge about Futurehome, explore our support center, a huge base of articles, guides, and tips. Here you will find the solutions to most of the problems that users experience.

If you still need support, or have questions that are not answered, do not hesitate to use our support resources:


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