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Why do we make changes?

After thorough testing and several feedbacks from users, we have made some changes to the Power Manager. There is a desire for increased comfort and control, and we will fulfill this.

What has changed?

The Power Manager will still control all the devices you choose to use in the solution, but only electric vehicle chargers and water boilers will be controlled based on spot price. Thermostats will be controlled based on the threshold you set for grid tariffs. By rather using modes in the app, you will be able to achieve more savings and comfort than in version 1 of the Power Manager.

We have therefore removed the "comfort schedule" from the Power Manager, so that the user is more free to use the modes to control heat.

How will this affect comfort?

This change allows you to choose your desired temperatures in each room, instead of the Power Manager choosing the temperature for you. You set these desired temperatures under settings → mode and shortcuts. In home mode, you select the comfort temperatures in your home.

How will this work in practice?

When it comes to spot price optimisation, we divide the day into two: Low price and high price. This is calculated with the base of 12 cheapest hours and 12 most expensive, with some tweaks: We are not differentiating between hours where price difference is insignificant (e.g where price difference is of only a few øre). In case of a cheap hour being 1 NOK and an expensive being 1,04 NOK, a couple of the expensive hours may be counted as cheap because of the small difference in the price. Based on this, the water heater and electric vehicle charger will only be on during the cheapest hours. Thermostats will not be affected by the spot prices and there are two reasons for this. The first is that the cheapest hours are often at times when you are not at home or at night. There is therefore no reason to heat the home, even if it is relatively cheap. The second reason is comfort. When you are actually at home, you should not have to freeze your legs off because of Power Manager.

Load balancing, or optimisation based on grid tariffs, will include all the devices selected in the manager, including the thermostats. If the system senses that it is approaching the threshold that has been set (e.g. 10kWh), it will turn the units off or down. It will start with the device that draws the most power and will then rotate the devices at 10 minute intervals. In this way, we ensure that the rooms do not have time to get cold.

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