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Futurehome helps you be kinder to the environment and to your wallet. You can keep track of how much power you use and adjust consumption accordingly in order to be more energy efficient. You get an overview of your electricity consumption in real time and a historical overview straight from the app. In order for the system to store power data, you must download the Event Collector. Go to Settings settings.svg → Playground → Download Event Collector.

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When you open the energy panel from the dashboard, you get an overview of the real-time consumption categorised by the type of device. If you want to see consumption in real time at unit level, you can click on each individual category. If you have a HAN meter, you can press the large circle to get detailed information about the consumption at home.

The button in the upper right corner takes you to energy statistics. You can choose whether you want to see statistics for a whole month or a specific day. You can deselect categories at the bottom of the screen to filter out other categories.

Pro-tip: Press and hold on the graph to see info around the specific time or day.

You can also set up automation based on energy consumption.

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