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When you first create a household with a new Smarthub, you will automatically become the owner of the household. To transfer ownership to another user, go to "Settings settings.svg → Household → Transfer Ownership".

To add a new user to the household, go to "Settings settings.svg → Other → + User" and enter the email of the new user. The person you add will then receive an email where they can accept your invitation and create a new user profile, if they do not already have one.

As the owner of a household, you have full access to all devices and their settings, as well as household settings, user access and more. Other users in the same household can either have full access or regular access, and the owner can change this at any time. Users with full access are able to make all the same changes that an owner can (except for settings for the household itself), and Users with normal access can control all functions, but do not have access to any settings.

In the Futurehome app you can manage your user profile. Here you can edit name, phone number, password and language.


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