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User Groups

You can find user groups under settings settings.svg → others. Here you can see the users associated with the household and their respective permissions.

  • Owner - There is one owner per household. The owner is either the user who created the household or who has received ownership from the previous owner. The owner has all permissions.
  • Admin (full access) - A household can have multiple administrators. An admin can make changes to the household, but not as much as the owner.
  • User (regular access) - Has access to control the devices but cannot change household settings.


Transfer Ownership

If you have set up the household for someone else, you are selling the property, or for other reasons need to transfer ownership, you can easily do so.

  • Go to settings settings.svg → household → transfer ownership.
  • Enter the email of the new owner → press send.
  • The new owner must follow the instructions in the email sent by Futurehome.

Group_2464.svg  Group_2465.svg  Group_2466.svg

User Profile

You can find your user profile under settings settings.svg → you. Here you can do the following:

  • Change name, phone number, and language.
  • Change contact permissions: How can Futurehome contact you?
  • Change password.
  • Delete user.


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