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Modes are overall states of the location: Home, Away, Night and Vacation. You can control which mode your household is in from the dashboard in the app or from a mode switch.

To edit how you want the household to behave in the different modes, go to "Settings settings.svg → Modes & Shortcuts" and click on the mode you want to edit.

Home and Away Mode

Home is the mode recommended when someone is home and awake. In this case, the safety function will not indicate if movement has been registered or if something is opened.

Away Mode is recommended when there is no one at home for a short period of time. All automations will continue to run as normal while the household is in Away Mode. You will also receive a notification if movement is detected and if doors or windows are opened.

Night Mode

Night Mode is recommended when everyone in the house has gone to bed. Usually, this will cause all lights to turn off and appliances, locks and climate will be set to your night mode preferences. Automations combined with Night Mode are also useful, as you can, for example, choose that when moving about that lights should only be turned on to 15% intensity.

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode is for when no one is home for an extended period of time. You can configure the settings so that you can, for example, water the garden or simulate lighting in the house while you are away. You will receive a notification concerning all activity in the house while it is in Vacation Mode.



Shortcuts are personal actions that you can run from your dashboard, widgets or Apple watch.

A shortcut can, for example, be named "movie". You can then turn off all lights, adjust the temperature, and close blinds by clicking a single shortcut.

You can see your shortcuts by clicking the button in the middle, at the bottom of the dashboard.

Make your first shortcut

  • Go to "Settings settings.svg → Modes & Shortcuts → Add New Shortcut
  • Give your shortcut an appropriate name
  • Select the room(s) you want to affect with the shortcut
  • Choose the devices that you want to affect and what you want them to do. If you do not change anything on a device, it will be ignored when you run the shortcut.

mode1.svg   mode2.svgmode3.svg   mode4.svg

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