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The dashboard and its functions are there to efficiently gather a lot of information about safety, light, heat, energy management and similar. If you want to see the same information categorized for the different rooms in your home, then you can click on the second button at the bottom of the dashboard (to the left of mode & shortcuts). Here, you will find all the rooms in your household categorized by areas. Click on a room to see all the appliances it contains and adjust to your requirements.

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To add an area, click "areas" in the middle of the room overview. Here, you will see all your current areas and be able to add new ones. Areas can be, for example, 1st floor, 2nd floor, basement, outdoors, etc.


In each area you can have several rooms. To create a room, click on "+ room" on the lower left of the room overview. When creating a new room, you can choose from a list of the many predefined standard rooms. The name of the room should reflect the type of room, but you can easily change the name at any time.

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