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Specified conditions govern Customer's use of goods and services provided by Futurehome AS. These conditions apply to all sales of Futurehome AS, as long as no other arrangements have been made in writing between the parties.

Prices and delivery

All prices are given including VAT (25% For Norway, other countries may have other tax rates.), shipping costs are additional unless other is expressly noted. Prices displayed in the shop for logged in partner users are excluding VAT. Prices are constantly changing and we do therefore reserve the right to change due to market changes. We reserve the right to refuse delivery on all items based on price fluctuations and stock situation(s).

All delivery times given by us are to be considered as indicative. Meaning by delivery time of arrival of goods to our warehouse. Elapsed time for picking, packing and possible additional time before the fulfilling the shipment to the carrier. When time is given in days, take into account that this is working days and that couriers delivery time always comes in addition to this.
We reserve the right to deviate given delivery time without notice. Any price changes occurring after the time of order placement will not be retroactive. Futurehome AS reserves the right for typing-/printing errors. If any spelling mistake or print error(s) made by Futurehome AS has occurred they can be changed without exception, if the customer is made aware of the error in question in advance and within a reasonable time after the error is discovered.

Orders from the builder

Rates include installation of the products. Additional costs may occur if other electrical work is required. An example of this may be installation of extra cable to a product. This is agreed with an electrician on site and should always be advised before action is taken. If driving distance exceeds the included distance in startup cost, additional costs will occur. If the agreed time with the electrician is not observed, additional costs will be incurred in the form of a new start-up cost.


As a Futurehome customer you will be signed up for our newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link in the newsletter.

Customer duties

The registered customer is responsible for payment of the benefits Futurehome AS partners supply under these conditions. This responsibility includes others use of customer access, including unauthorized use, unless it can be proven that unauthorized use has been made possible through the negligence of Futurehome AS.

Unclaimed packages

If a packages is left unclaimed the customer will be charged a fee for the defined unclaimed goods (NOK 150, -), as well as shipping both ways, to cover our costs for breach of contract.


Before claims under warranty or faults is reported to Futurehome AS, the customer should check whether the error is caused by the customer. If the customer can prove that the product does not work as Futurehome AS has described, the customer must notify Futurehome AS via email support@futurehome.no to implement remedial measures. The customer loses his right to a deficiency unless he gives Futurehome AS notification within a reasonable time after he discovered or should have discovered a defect.


Futurehome AS, shall as soon as possible after becoming aware of a faulty product take action to remedy the defect. If the customer on their own initiative, take steps to rectify the defect beyond what has been agreed with Futurehome AS, we reserve the right to pay for these expenses.

Regretting a purchase

The Act only applies to consumer purchases. Return costs are will bear the consumer (ref. § 15, first paragraph). Download Withdraw Form at the bottom of this article.

Company putchases

Exchanging goods company purchase / commercial purchases can only be made if the item is under 14 days old and unopened / unused. Use common return routine. As error type: item desired credited and is unopened / unused. The return of a product is rejected if these requirements are not met.

Extraordinary conditions

Futurehome AS is responsible for loss of the goods, only if it is proven of any wrongdoing or if proven that it is missing. This does not apply if Futurehome AS proves that the defect is due to circumstances beyond Futurehome AS’ control. And/or which we could not reasonably expect to avoid or overcome the consequences of. Futurehome AS is not responsible for indirect losses resulting from defects, unless the loss was caused by gross negligence or intent on behalf of Futurehome AS. By end-terms cannot be worse than the conditions set by law. Law on consumer purchases of 2002-06-21 No. 34

Change in terms

Futurehome AS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, including as a result of changes in legislation.

Force majeure

Is Futurehome AS prevented from supplying or making mandatory replacement or becomes such a delivery unduly burdensome as a result of labor disputes or other circumstance when the parties have no control over it such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military call of comparable scope, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, riots and civil commotion, shortage of transport, general shortage of goods, reduction in the supply of power and defects in or delays of deliveries from suppliers or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances described in this paragraph then Futurehome AS is relieved of all responsibilities in cases of complaints, and credit it to the faulty item purchase.

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