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Futurehome offers broad product support and there is an ever-increasing range of Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi based products. We are constantly working to add support for more products.

Zigbee and Z-wave products

It should be possible to add to the system most Z-wave devices that are dimmers, switches or sensors, even if we do not have support for it. We support a variety of Zigbee products.

A complete list of supported devices can be found here. The products in this list are products that we have tested over time and verified. Even if the products are supported, this only means the basic function of the products. There will be some features that are not supported in the app.

Wi-Fi and other products

Playground is included in Futurehome. In Playground you will find various services to make even better use of your smart home. Several of the services you find in Playground allow you to connect new devices, e.g. control of heat pumps, heaters, electric car chargers, home batteries, solar cells, sound systems, etc. These can be products that are connected to a cloud solution or work via Wi-Fi.

An overview of all the services in Playground can be found here.

New Products

If you have a special wish to add a product or have a "feature request" then please let us know here.

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