Netatmo - New update available (v0.2.11)

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Many customers have reported that their Netatmo units ceased functioning due to authentication problems during login in the Netatmo Playgrounds integration. This issue has been resolved in the latest update released today (11.29.23), version 0.2.11.

If you should experience issues where Netatmo devices are not sending reports:

  1. Install this updated version. Follow the this guide to update integrations.
  2. Delete the Netatmo integration
  3. Install the Netatmo integration
  4. Login by following the instructions from this guide.

    Netatmo_delete.svg        Group 2576.svg

Please make sure that the status of the app is as follows in playground when you are done:


If you dont experience issues where Netatmo devices sending reports:

  • Install this updated version Sooner or later the Netatmo devices might stop reporting. By installing this version you prevent the need to relog/delete etc.

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