Use your EV charger with Futurehome

With the Futurehome system, you can easily manage your electric vehicle (EV) chargers. You can integrate your device with our system and control it through our app. Additionally, our Power Manager service helps you optimise your energy consumption and use your charger more efficiently.

Managing EV charger in our app

In the app’s dashboard, you can easily view:

  • the status of your current charging session
  • real-time consumption
  • the amount of energy used

By tapping the tile, you can access the EV chargers tab, where you can view specific details for each of your chargers and start or stop charging sessions.

For more in-depth information about a particular charger, simply select it.

See more about the EV charger features.

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Playground integrations

By integrating your EV charger with our system, you can conveniently control it directly from the Futurehome app. This allows you to monitor the charging status, start or stop charging, and view the energy consumption associated with your charger.

We support integration with chargers from:

  • Zaptec
  • Defa
  • Easee

All integrations can be found in the Futurehome app under settings → playground.

To learn more about each integration, see the corresponding articles: Zaptec, Defa, and Easee.

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EV charger with Power Manager (StrømKontroll)

Power Manager is a service from Futurehome that optimises the power consumption of selected devices, based on the spot price and grid tariffs. It aims to reduce the total energy cost, without compromising the household's comfort or needs.

Power Manager can optimise EV chargers by:

  • selecting the most cost-effective hours for charging
  • managing the charger alongside other devices to avoid excessive consumption during a particular hour

Note: Power Manager supports EV chargers made by Easee and Zaptec.

Learn more about the Power Manager service.

Learn more about the StrømKontroll package.

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    Oddvar Meling

    After having used powermanager for some time, I see that the car charger is charging when the price i relativly high. It would be Great if there could be some better way to selecting the most cost-effective hours for charging.


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