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The Mill adapter allows you to connect your Mill user to Futurehome, and control all your Millheat WiFi units using the Futurehome app.

The adapter is currently in public beta, meaning that Futurehome is not responsible for any malfunction of your devices. If you experience any bugs or malfunction, please inform Futurehome at

When connecting the Mill adapter to Futurehome, all your devices will be set to «individual control» in the Mill app, meaning that they will no longer follow Mill's room settings or programs, but instead follow Futurehome's settings and programs. If you choose to delete some of your devices from the Futurehome app, you can use them just like before in the Mill app.

The adapter supports:

  • Setting desired temperature (setpoint)
  • Getting sensor data from temperature sensor


To install the adapter you need to be in the new Futurehome app, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings settings.svg -> playground -> Millheat WiFi and click the install button.
  2. Click on the button with three dots -> login.
  3. Enter your Mill username and Mill password.

If you successfully logged in, all your devices will be included to Futurehome. This may take a few seconds depending on how many devices you have. After all your devices are included, you need to place them in a room and set the room temperature again. This will initialize proper communication between Futurehome and Mill, and the device will from this point on follow all temperature settings you have in Futurehome, such as modes and triggers. It will essentially behave like any other thermostat.


When first installing and logging in to the adapter, all of your devices will appear in Futurehome. If you wish to only have some of your Mill devices in Futurehome, simply go to the device you wish to remove and click «delete». If you accidentally delete a device and want it back to the Futurehome app, go to settings settings.svg -> playground -> Millheat WiFi -> settings -> advanced setup and click «sync». This will make all of your devices be reincluded to Futurehome.

Initially the devices will send temperature reports every 5 minutes. Depending on how many devices you have in Futurehome and how often you want temperature to update, you may want to change this setting. By going to settings settings.svg -> playground -> Millheat WiFi -> settings -> advanced setup, you can change the Poll Time to whatever you want. Simply change the value to how many minutes you want between each poll, and click save. After saving this value you will need to go to the Millheat WiFi app in playground and click the red square to stop the app, followed by the blue play button to start the app again.

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