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The Defa integration allows you to get live charging data such as charger status, charge amount and estimated charging speed for your DEFA charging station, as well as start/stop charging.

As the Defa integration does not receive real time charging speed, an estimate is calculated based on change in charge amount over time. It may therefore take up to 15 minutes before charge speed is visually available in the app, but dont worry - as long as the state is 'charging', it is indeed charging.

The adapter supports:

Note that the integration only support the eRange IQ charger.

  • Total energy charged in current charging session
  • Estimated charging power
  • Start and stop charging
  • Monitor charger state


To install the adapter you need to be in the Futurehome app, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings settings.svg → playground → Defa adapter, and click the download button.
  2. After the download is complete, click on the button with three dots.
  3. Enter your phone number in the "phone number" field, and click "save". Important: Include country code in your phone number! Example, your phone number is 90909090, and you live in Norway. Then you should input 4790909090.
  4. Shortly after step three you should receive a code via SMS. Click on the same three dots as in step 2, and input your SMS code in the "SMS code" field, and click "save".
  5. Click on the same three dots once more. You should now see your chargepoints. Click on the chargepoints you want to include to Futurehome, and click "save".

If you installed successfully, the chargers you chose should be included to Futurehome. Add them to a room, give them a friendly name, and they are ready to go.


Known issues

There is currently an issue where the API sometimes reports "disconnected" after charging is stopped from the Futurehome app, when it should be "ready_to_charge". In that case it will not be possible to start charging from the Futurehome app, until state is changed on physical device or in the Defa app.

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